AUB Gintonghatid is a comprehensive premium services offered by Asia United Bank to Overseas Filipino Workers.

It ensures fast and reliable handling of remittance transactions so that the OFW families and loved ones are guaranteed to receive hard-earned cash remitted from abroad.

OFWs may access these services through remittance tie-ups and overseas marketing representatives, and choose to send their remittances through the AUB GintongHatid Remittance Express System.

Please click the link for the list of foreign correspondent banks and remittance tie-ups.

AUB GintongHatid Remittance Express provides a variety of remittance modes for customers to transfer money to and from the Philippines. It is a highly integrated remittance facility that includes a comprehensive online platform, special express package, ATM/Cash Card, domestic call center, 24/7 remittance operations and other related services. Deposits to the Bank, fund transfers to other Bancnet member banks and remittance pick-ups are all completed instantly. Remittance transactions are facilitated through deposit accounts, "Redi Money" cash card and ATM cards and more than 5,000 accredited cash pick-up centers, as well as door-to-door cash delivery and direct deposit services. Key advantages of The Bank's remittance system are the rapid transaction processing time, convenient delivery methods and the user-friendly online platform.

AUB takes pride in offering Virtual Remit which is an online system accepting remittances directly from the remitter themselves at the convenience of their homes or anywhere else as long as internet connection is available. The system is accessible through a wide range of devices, from conventional PCs to smart phones and tablets.

AUB Services

  • Door-to-Door Peso Cash Deliveries
  • Opening of Peso and Dollar AUB Accounts
  • Cash Pick-up at AUB Branches and authorized Pick-up Centers
  • Credit to AUB Deposit Accounts
  • Credit to other banks' deposit accounts

Delivery Commitments

Services Delivery Time
    Metro Manila
    Remote Provinces

24 Hours
48 Hours
5 Days
Cash Pickup 24 Hours
Deposit to Account 24 Hours
Express Transactions 1 Hour

*Fees and rates may vary, depending on Remittance Partners abroad.