AUB Bizkit


The AUB Business Kit (BizKit) is a one package, one-deal Cash Management Solution designed to simplify your business processes and maximize your profits.

Avail now of the most innovative cash management services that provides FLEXIBILITY, CONVENIENCE, EFFICIENCY AND SECURITY.

Payroll Organizer

AUB Payroll Organizer is a fully automated payroll processing and crediting system that saves you time and money.

  • Flexible and easy to use electronic payroll preparation set up
  • Adjustable payroll cut-off for monthly, semi monthly, weekly, and daily payrolls
  • Easy and up to date monitoring of employee leave credits, allowance, deductions, including loans
  • Automatic generation of reports for convenient preparation
  • Availability of year-end government reports (Alphalist and BIR Form 2316) for easier compliance
  • With optional time keeping and attendance monitoring system to make payroll preparation simpler

Human Resources Integrated System (HRIS)

HRIS is an enhanced Payroll Organizer with other features developed to perform all essential HR functions.

  • Comes with the option to link the system to the company's website for recruitment purposes
  • Convenient tracking and monitoring of job applicant's status
  • Easy and up to date record and data keeping of employee data history (201 file, employee appraisal, certificate of employment, premium certificates, etc)


The AUB CheckBanker is a web based check warehousing facility that monitors and automatically credits postdated checks as they fall due.

  • Provides email notifications of transactions made for convenient monitoring of checks for deposits
  • Flexibility in crediting of PDCs to several deposit accounts
  • Accepts adjustment of dates for crediting of PDCs
  • Accommodates check pull outs to fulfill customer requests
  • Availability of on-demand reports (Issuer Bank, Issuer name, Returned/ Cleared Checks, etc)
  • Enables viewing of returned checks for easy reconciliation


AUB CheckMaker is a user friendly, fully automated check-writing facility that helps you keep track of your disbursements.

  • Easy monitoring of negotiated and outstanding checks
  • Availability of reports for efficient account reconciliation
  • Allows the addition of company logo to your checks and vouchers
  • Secures check preparation through the maker and authorizer functions


The AUB BalanceChecker is a cash management tool that helps in reconciliation of your bank statement versus your own records.

  • Accessibility of the complete list of items and amounts of your transactions whenever you need it
  • Real time report of your negotiated and outstanding checks


AUB e-Gov is an electronic payment system that performs online settlement of government premium contributions to the following agencies coursed thru AUB:

  •  SSS
  •  Philhealth

  • A fast and convenient electronic payment mode for government contributions
  • Generates electronic acknowledgment receipts for efficient record-keeping
  • Secure and accurate posting of employee contributions


AUB e-Banker is a fully secured online channel that allows access to your accounts whenever you need to, wherever you are.

  • Ensures on-line security through a two-factor authentication feature
  • Allows convenient domestic and international telegraphic fund transfers, bills payment, checkbook reorder and fund transfer
  • Enables viewing of returned checks and cleared checks for easy reconciliation
  • Provides real time viewing of account history for up-to-the-minute confirmation of transactions
  • Easy access of your statement of account on daily, weekly or monthly basis