AUB Equity Investment Fund


AUB Equity Investment Fund (AUB EIF) is a peso denominated unit investment trust fund wherein funds of individual investors are pooled together and invested in blue-chips and major second line issues of the stock market. Investment risk is evidently minimized as we diversify your investments only in fundamentally sound companies.

Minimum Initial InvestmentsPhp 10,000.00
Minimum Additional PlacementPhp 1,000.00
Minimum Holding Period30 days per contribution (withdrawable any time thereafter)
Early Redemption Penalty0.50 % based on the amount redeemed
DocumentationFund Participation Agreement and Transaction Advise
Minimum Maintaining BalancePhp 10,000.00
Trusteeship Fee1.25 % p.a
Method of ValuationMark-to-Market Valuation
SettlementTrade Day plus 3

End of day NAVpu: (As of 09/29/23)


Equity Investment Fund NAV Moving Graph

Benchmark (absolute) Absolute ROI (net)
Previous Day -1.01000% -0.71%
Year-to-Date -3.73000% -1.32%
Past 30 Days 0.41000% 0.35%
Past 90 Days -2.27000% -1.87%
Year-on-Year 6.52000% 5.96%

** Benchmark is 90-day yield of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi)
** YTD since inception May 4, 2006

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