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Manage the spending of your supplementary cards by assigning a spend limit for each
Note: The spend limit given to your Supplementary Cardholder is part of your total spend limit


Earn one (1) Reward Point for every ₱20 spend of your supplementary card




  • The Supplementary Cardholder must be at least 14 years old
  • Accomplished Supplementary Card Application Form

SUPPLEMENTARY CARDS. An AUB Classic, Gold, and Platinum CARDHOLDER may request for issuance of Supplementary CARD/s through various channels, such as but not limited to regular application form, online application through the AUB website, and through the AUB Customer Service Hotline. The issuance of the Supplementary CARD/s is subject to AUB's credit policies and guidelines, and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) mandated requirements. The use of Supplementary CARD/s shall be governed by this Agreement. Any reference to the CARD issued to Principal CARDHOLDER shall also apply to Supplementary CARD/s. CARDHOLDER shall share a credit limit with Supplementary unless otherwise specified. Principal CARDHOLDER can assign a certain credit limit or spend limit for the Supplementary. The Credit Limit assigned to CARDHOLDER is inclusive of the Credit Limit of the Supplementary Cardholder. Should the outstanding balance exceed the approved credit limit at any given time, AUB reserves the right to decline any transaction and/or suspend the credit card privileges of the Cardholder and his Supplementary. The CARDHOLDER and his/her Supplementary shall be jointly and severally liable for all purchases made, including interest and charges incurred, through the use of the SUPPLEMENTARY, as well as for any breach by the SUPPLEMENTARY of these terms and conditions. The validity of the SUPPLEMENTARY is dependent on the validity of the Principal CARDHOLDER. The termination of the Supplementary Card for whatever reason shall not terminate the Principal Card or the Principal Cardholder's obligations to the Bank under these Terms and Conditions. Should CARDHOLDER request to cancel any Supplementary Card, CARDHOLDER agrees to pay for all outstanding obligations under the Supplementary Card, including all charges, and non-refundable fees, even after the request for cancellation.