Spend within your limit

Do not overspend to avoid maxing out your credit limit. Use your credit on purchases that you can repay. Be sure to buy things you can afford, spend within your limit and within your budget. Keep away from buying things that you don’t need. Save your credit card on important purchases or in case of emergencies instead of using it for daily purchases.

Pay on time

Pay your credit card before the due date to avoid incurring fees and other penalties.

Pay whenever you can

Regularly pay off your credit card if you have enough money. Be sure to save money to pay for your credit card due/s. Make it a habit to pay the “Total Amount Due” billed to you to avoid incurring finance charges. Payment of only the “Minimum Amount Due” will mean getting charged with interest.

Maintain and monitor

Control your credit card expenses most especially when you have multiple accounts. Avoid mixing up each card’s due date and total amount due to avoid incurring any penalties and charges.

Keep records of your transactions

Check the transaction details in your statement of account and report any discrepancy or errors within the time frame given by the bank for contesting or raising any disputes.

Read the contract, fees and charges

Make it a habit to read the full terms and conditions and any amendments sent by the Bank. Familiarize yourself with the applicable fees and charges and the conditions by which the Bank impose these charges so you can avoid such situations.