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Avail cash from your AUB Credit Card which you can use to cover for your auto, home renovation, medical, dental or travel expenses

Available in 6 months payment terms with 1.50% monthly add-on rate and 12 months payment terms with 1.30% monthly add-on rate.


Term (months) Monthly Add-On Rate Factor Rate Annual Effective Interest Rate
6 1.50% 0.181667 30.2306%
12 1.30% 0.096333 27.6469%

The minimum single transaction amount required for CashOut availment is PHP3,000.

The availed CashOut amount will be disbursed to your nominated savings/current account*.

*Please refer to the AUB CashOut Terms and Conditions for the list of accredited banks.

What is CashOut Installment Plan?
What is the minimum and maximum amount of cash that can be availed?
How can I apply for the CashOut Installment Plan?
Can my supplementary apply for a CashOut Installment?
What are the documents needed for CashOut Installment Plan?
What is AUBís turnaround time for processing CashOut Installment Plan?
How will I know if my application is accepted?
How will I receive my cash availment?
Can I opt to pay the full amount of CashOut before the indicated term?

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Term Factor Rate Add-on Rate Per Month Monthly Amortization Gross Amount Add-on Interest
6 0.181667 1.50%
12 0.096333 1.30%

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  1. Customer Service

    Call the AUB Customer Service Hotline at:

    • (+632) AUB 8-(282)-8888
    • Domestic Toll Free: 1-800-10-282-8888
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