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The eGift Rewards Redemption, powered by Gift Away allows the cardholder to redeem their AUB Rewards Points for shopping, dining and travel electronic gift certificates (eGCs). Upon redemption, cardholder will receive an email/SMS containing the eCodes for the redeemed eGift item and may already claim it by presenting to the store manager or store representative.

Redeem your AUB Rewards points for exciting eGift items from over 400 merchants!

How to Redeem
Simply log on to the AUB Credit Cards Online Banking.

Terms and Conditions

  • COVID-19 Donation

    COVID-19 Donation1,000 Pure PointsEGC9353-100

  • Ayala Malls Cinemas

    Ayala Malls Cinemas1,100 Pure PointsEGC8282-100

  • ActiveFun

    ActiveFun2,800 Pure PointsEGC8336-280

Shop Health & Wellness
  • Bioessence

    Bioessence5,000 Pure PointsEGC7263-500

  • Karada

    Karada5,000 Pure PointsEGC0117-500

  • Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

    Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club17,000 Pure PointsEGC8158-1700

  • Aramesh Wellness

    Aramesh Wellness5,000 Pure PointsEGC7844-500

  • spa Belisara

    spa Belisara5,000 Pure PointsEGC8094-500

  • Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

    Heaven by Deborah Mitchell5,000 Pure PointsEGC7848-500

  • Fitness First

    Fitness First5,500 Pure PointsEGC8026-550

  • Ride Revolution

    Ride Revolution8,500 Pure PointsEGC9068-850

  • Lay Bare

    Lay Bare5,000 Pure PointsEGC7166-500

  • Jing Monis Salon

    Jing Monis Salon5,000 Pure PointsEGC0070-500

  • Silk by Lay Bare

    Silk by Lay Bare5,000 Pure PointsEGC7352-500

  • Nail It!

    Nail It!5,000 Pure PointsEGC9012-500

  • Salon Privat

    Salon Privat5,000 Pure PointsEGC7073-500

  • Kitchenails

    Kitchenails5,000 Pure PointsEGC8991-500

  • Pink Parlour

    Pink Parlour5,000 Pure PointsEGC9606-500

  • Lay Bare Plus

    Lay Bare Plus5,000 Pure PointsEGC9029-500

  • Miss Esthe

    Miss Esthe5,000 Pure PointsEGC8245-500

  • MyHealth Clinic

    MyHealth Clinic5,000 Pure PointsEGC7111-500

  • Hi-Precision Diagnostics

    Hi-Precision Diagnostics5,000 Pure PointsEGC7461-500

  • Hi-Precision Plus

    Hi-Precision Plus5,000 Pure PointsEGC7886-500

  • QualiMed

    QualiMed15,000 Pure PointsEGC7695-1500

  • Sky-Med Health and Laboratory Center

    Sky-Med Health and Laboratory Center5,000 Pure PointsEGC7465-500

  • GAOC

    GAOC30,000 Pure PointsEGC4376-3000

  • Fashion Smile Dental Spa

    Fashion Smile Dental Spa5,000 Pure PointsEGC7859-500

  • The Smile Bar

    The Smile Bar5,000 Pure PointsEGC9929-500

  • Bruno's Barbers

    Bruno's Barbers3,000 Pure PointsEGC4446-300

  • M Barbers

    M Barbers5,000 Pure PointsEGC7076-500

Travel & Leisure
  • The Bayleaf Intramuros Hotel

    The Bayleaf Intramuros Hotel5,000 Pure PointsEGC7437-500

  • Microtel by Wyndham

    Microtel by Wyndham5,000 Pure PointsEGC9146-500

  • Discovery Primea

    Discovery Primea75,000 Pure PointsEGC9759-7500

  • The Bayleaf Cavite Hotel

    The Bayleaf Cavite Hotel5,000 Pure PointsEGC9178-500

  • Avior Hotel

    Avior Hotel19,900 Pure PointsEGC8553-1990

  • Discovery Suites

    Discovery Suites54,000 Pure PointsEGC9766-5400

  • Discovery Shores Boracay

    Discovery Shores Boracay30,000 Pure PointsEGC9810-3000

  • Bluewater Resort

    Bluewater Resort5,000 Pure PointsEGC9220-500

  • Club Paradise Palawan

    Club Paradise Palawan120,000 Pure PointsEGC9784-12000

  • The Dessert Museum

    The Dessert Museum7,990 Pure PointsEGC8502-799

  • Sky Waterpark Cebu

    Sky Waterpark Cebu5,000 Pure PointsEGC7592-500

  • Asylum Manila

    Asylum Manila6,990 Pure PointsEGC8850-699

  • KKday

    KKday5,000 Pure PointsEGC7959-500

  • DreamPlay

    DreamPlay6,800 Pure PointsEGC8953-680

  • K-Golf

    K-Golf15,000 Pure PointsEGC8959-1500

  • LazerXtreme

    LazerXtreme5,000 Pure PointsEGC7209-500

  • Rajah Travel

    Rajah Travel33,000 Pure PointsEGC5618-3000

  • Mabuhay Miles

    Mabuhay Miles5,000 Pure PointsEGC7367-450

  • BIG Loyalty Points

    BIG Loyalty Points5,000 Pure PointsEGC7550-500

  • Cebu Pacific via Rajah Travel

    Cebu Pacific via Rajah Travel11,000 Pure PointsEGC6952-1000

  • Philippine Airlines via Rajah Travel

    Philippine Airlines via Rajah Travel33,000 Pure PointsEGC5614-3000

  • Avis

    Avis5,000 Pure PointsEGC4456-500

  • Globe Prepaid

    Globe Prepaid1,100 Pure PointsEGC6866-100

  • Smart Prepaid

    Smart Prepaid1,100 Pure PointsEGC6867-100

  • Talk 'N Text

    Talk 'N Text1,100 Pure PointsEGC6869-100

  • TM

    TM1,100 Pure PointsEGC6868-100

  • Sun Cellular

    Sun Cellular1,100 Pure PointsEGC6870-100

  • Suds Laundry

    Suds Laundry3,000 Pure PointsEGC6953-300

  • GrabCar

    GrabCar500 Pure PointsEGC8586-50

  • PayMaya

    PayMaya1,100 Pure PointsEGC6975-100

  • GCash

    GCash2,200 Pure PointsEGC9864-200

  • ShopeePay

    ShopeePay550 Pure PointsEGC9940-50

  • GrabFood

    GrabFood1,000 Pure PointsEGC8433-100

  • GrabPay

    GrabPay5,500 Pure PointsEGC9335-500

  • Steam

    Steam3,900 Pure PointsEGC7105-290

  • GrabMart

    GrabMart5,000 Pure PointsEGC9944-500

  • Gymboree Play & Music

    Gymboree Play & Music20,000 Pure PointsEGC7152-2000

  • MatheMagis

    MatheMagis5,000 Pure PointsEGC8217-500

  • Galileo Enrichment Learning Program

    Galileo Enrichment Learning Program1,000 Pure PointsEGC8346-100

  • Brilliant Nurse

    Brilliant Nurse9,990 Pure PointsEGC8868-999